WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

3/28/23 Morning Show Highlights!


                              Zach Williams                             

  • Best 5: Tenn. School Shooting; How "Letters to the Beloved" Began; James 1:12
  • Keith in Owen's Happy 87th Birthday Memory for Bill Gaither
  • Halvo Goes 4/6
  • CCM Song Showdown: Toby Mac's, "The Goodness" vs. Zach Williams', "No Longer Slaves"
  • Tuesday Trivia Proves to be a Stumper Until Cheri in Bloomer Wins Again!
  • Visiting with our Guest Shooter, Pastor Josh Van Gorkom 
  • Josh Goes 4/5

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