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Saturday, January 21, 2023

1/22/23 CVTW: Eau Claire Community Haven House

                                                             Chippewa Valley This Week

          One year after it started at 502 S. Farwell St. in  Eau Claire as a weekend emergency day shelter for city's unhoused population, the Eau Claire Community Haven House is providing a daily respite from the brutal winter weather for those who spend their days on the streets.

Because more paid staffing is needed to expand the facility's current operating hours of 8-12 M-TH and 9-3 F-Sun, a news conference was held this past Wednesday amidst an open house and fundraising event. 

Hear from Susan Wolfgram, Co-Chair of JONAH's Affordable Housing Task Force; Kevin Burch, Dir. of Housing Services, Catholic Charities; City of Eau Claire Deputy Manager, Dave Solberg; Haven House Coordinator, Tom Wirth; Haven House On-Site Coordinator, Autumn Metoxen; Michelle Pride of Chippewa Valley Street Ministry; State Rep., Jodi Emerson(D-Eau Claire); and Casey Palmer.                                      

1/21/23 "Financially Speaking" with Sue Buska and Cole Bruner

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During this episode, we’re going to discuss two essential 401(k) issues: the importance of vesting and steps you can take to max your 401(k) out.

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