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WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

Monday, March 4, 2024

3/4/24 Morning Show Highlights!


  • BEST 5: Jesus' Upper Room Discourse: John 13-17; John 14:21
  • Weekend Recap
  • Kicking Off Our 2024 WWIB CCM Tourney
  • CCM Artist Nominations Welcome
  • Caleb Goes 4/5 in "Hope in Hoops"


3/3/24 CVTW: Chippewa County Sheriff, Travis Hakes

                                                               Chippewa Valley This Week

Chippewa County Sheriff, Travis Hakes
Chippewa County Sheriff, Travis Hakes answers our questions following the release of a 600-plus page  report on his behavior both before and after being elected sheriff in November, 2022. Hakes responds to each of the four main reasons the county board cited in giving him a 19-1 "No Confidence" vote on Feb. 20th. Hakes says he has no intentions of resigning and looks forward to doing his job without the continual distractions of the investigation he says he's had to deal with.