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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5-4-16 GOP Race Ends; VP Talk


5-4-16 GOP Race Ends; VP Talk

Trump Wins Indiana and Cruz Suspends his campaign; Trump on "Morning Joe"; Newt; Priebus calls for unity.
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5-4-16 National Day of Prayer; YWAM Northwoods Leadership Change

5-4-16  NDOP; YWAM Northwoods

Joleen Helbig, State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, talks about tomorrow's event; David Holmbeck and his wife, Paula, talk about the leadership transition at Youth with a Mission Northwoods in Weyerhauser, where David has been replaced by Co-Directors Troy and Lecia Snyder.

5-4-16 Dr. Drew Talks with Megan

Dr. Drew Kaminski

5-4-16  Dr. Drew Talks with Megan

In a client testimony show, Dr. Drew Kaminski talks with Megan about the help her seven year old daughter, A.J., received after a long two year battle with stomach pain.

5/4/16-Ron Roenicke-Pt.1

Each weekday Greg Steward visits with some of the best know athletes and coaches in the world about their sport and their faith. The show is heard live at 5:45pm and 6:45am on WWIB.

Former Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke made his first trip back to Miller Park since he was fired last May for a L.A. Angels series against the "Brew Crew" this week. He's the 3rd base coach for the Angels now. he joins Greg on Sports and Commentary from Miller Park to talk about his time in Milwaukee and his exit one year ago this month. part 1 of a 2 part series. 



5/4/16 Morning Show Highlights

  • It's Star Wars Day!
  • Star Wars Clip Collage.
  • Lightsabers!
  • Pet Peeves...Put To Music (Galaxy Far, Far Away Edition)
  • Group 1 Crew Remix.
  • Finish the Star Wars Line.