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Monday, July 31, 2023

7/30/23 CVTW: Complaint Against ECASD; "Bank Your Vote"; National Night Out

                                                                     Chippewa Valley This Week


The first of our three stories this week concerns a complaint filed with an Eau Claire judge against the Eau Claire Area School District by a parent(Leah Buchman) and the conservative, Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. The complaint says the school district refused to provide a copy of a statement of a teacher's gender transition that the district acknowledges was read aloud to students in several classrooms. Also, this week the Republican National Committee and the WI Republican Party announced their "Bank Your Vote" effort for next year's election, and we hear more on this from RNC Chair; Ronna Mc Daniel, WI GOP Chair, Brian Schimming; and Republican 3rd District Congressman, Derrick Van Orden. Finally, we reair our interview from this past week with Chippewa Falls Police officer, Stephanie Bohl. about the Aug. 1st, National Night Out, from 5-8pm, in Chippewa Falls.

7/31/23 Morning Show Highlights!


  • Best 5: Esther: No One, No One, Can Thwart My Plan; Galatians 5:1
  • Day 3 of our Weeklong "Backpack to School Challenge"
  • One Fest '23 Recap: Toby Mac is Next Year's Headliner, along w/ Jeremy Camp
  • "Backpack to School Challenge" with Teamwork Africa's Peggy Halvorsen

7/28/23 Morning Show Highlights!


  • Best 5: Nehemiah: Remember, Small Obedience is a Great Work; Galatians 4:25-28
  • Broadcasting Live from One Fest'23: Interview with Brian Cole
  • Humor in the Headines
  • One Fest Interview w/ Photographer, Troy Lechleitner
  • One Fest Interview w/ One Fest Sponsor Liasion & Board Member, Roxanne Paukner

7/27/23 Morning Show Highlights!


  • Best 5: Jason & Heather's 26th anniversary; Ezra: I will Make You Holy and Whole; Galatians 4:21-24
  • Try It Again, Thursday: Michelle wins for Oliver
  • Speculating about who'll be announced as One Fest's Headliner for 2024
  • One Fest '23 Schedule