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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3-9-16 Karen Hurd Q&A; Trump & the Media; Justice Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley, WI State Supreme Court Justice


3-9-16 Karen Hurd Q&A; Trump & the Media; Justice Rebecca Bradley

Nutritionist Karen Hurd anwers questions; Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center discusses three networks sticking with Trump coverage last night and bypassing going to three other candidates live, as well as the incredible amount of extra media time Trump has received his entire campaign; Justice Rebecca Bradley moves ahead with her campaign after controversial remarks were released from college newspaper columns she wrote in 1992.

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3-9-16 Dr. Drew; Karen Hurd

Nutritionist Karen Hurd

3-9-16 Dr. Drew; Karen Hurd

Dr. Drew Kaminski of Back on Track Family Chiropractic sponsored the opening segment of "Wellness Wednesday" and talked with one of his patients, Keri, about how she dealt with breathing concerns she had about her daughter. Later, Drew touched on rising health care costs. The rest of the hour, Nutritionist Karen Hurd talked with sisters, Kim Williams and Lea Kendhammer, of La Crosse, and they told about the help they received from Karen in dealing with anxiety, losing weight and more. Final segment Karen answered questions.

3/9/16 Morning Show Highlights

  • Warning: sugar overload
  • A quarter of a thief!
  • Water Bar
  • Dads and chores