WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

Friday, August 20, 2021

8/20/21 Morning Show Highlights!



  • Best 5: Simplicity: The Art of Living-Richard Rohr
  • Happy 32nd Anniversary to "Saved by the Bell"
  • Recapping Halvo's Trip to Packerland
  • Humor in the Headlines
  • Happy 13th B-day, Hannah!
  • Bad News About Hot Dogs!
  • Happy 29th B-day, Caleb Ender!
  • Best of the Week

8/19/21 Morning Show Highlights!




  • Great Responses from throughout the Morning to our Facebook & On-Air Question, "If you had to be trapped in a TV Show for a month, which show would you choose, and why"?