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WWIB/WOGO Podcasts

Saturday, June 11, 2022

6/10/22 Morning Show Highlights!


  • Best 5: Jason's Sphinx Cat; Matthew 5:8
  • Caleb's Huge Early BD Surprise for Halvo
  • Happy BD Wake-Up Call to Birthday(Packer)Bob in Rice Lake
  • Saturday's BD's & Special Events
  • Humor in the Headlines
  • WWIB's BD Candy Basket
  • Sunday's BD's & Special Events; 3 Boxes of Donuts 
  • Best of the Week

6/11/22 "Financially Speaking" with Sue Buska and Cole Bruner

Planning your retirement is anything but easy. Get reliable advice from Sue Buska and Cole Bruner, Saturdays at 7:30am on WOGO! 

During this episode, we’re going to share Medicare insights and updates that will be useful for people already enrolled in Medicare and for those approaching their enrollment window.

"Financially Speaking" is a weekly show that helps you navigate the complex world of retirement planning! Create a retirement strategy you can rely on. "Financially Speaking" with Sue Buska and Cole Bruner, Saturday mornings at 7:30am on WOGO Radio: 103.1FM, AM 680, and WOGO.com!

And schedule a complimentary retirement planning consultation anytime at retirewithbuska.com!