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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

5/26/24 CVTW: When Will Eau Claire Hospitals Get The $15 Million They Were Promised?

                                                                 Chippewa Valley This Week

Jeff Smith(D-Eau Claire) Jesse James(R-Altoona)

State Senators Jesse James(R-Altoona) and Jeff Smith(D-Eau Claire) offer their take on the ongoing wait for a promised $15 million for Eau Claire's remaining hospitals after the sudden closing of HSHS hospitals in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls March 22nd. James and other Republicans have taken exception to Gov. Evers' vetoing of a bill they passed intending to help the emergency rooms of the Chippewa Valley's remaining hospitals. Smith says Republicans made this political from the outset by not including area Democrats like himself and State Rep. Jodi Emerson(D-Eau Claire) in the bill. Gov. Evers' changes would've allowed the $15 million to be used for things like OBGYN care and mental health resources. Area GOP rep's took special exception to the Governor's changes because it would've allowed the money to be used outside of Eau Claire and Chippewa county as well.

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